The Mater Dei 家庭与学校协会 is an organization intended to provide teachers and parents with opportunities to learn how to become more effective in their roles. 正如这个组织的名字所暗示的那样, it brings together the two most important influences in a child’s life: the home and the school. 家的主要焦点 & 学校协会 is to enrich the lives of our families and enhance the students’ school experience through social and fundraising events.



提交: please send your clipped box tops and bonus 盒子顶部 certificates to school in a bag or sealed envelope, 经办人:办公室, 盒子顶部, 包裹上写着你家人的名字. You can send as often as you'd like, in any amount, every $0.10项!
别忘了 Bonus 盒子顶部 App, it is an easy way to add bonus box tops directly to our school account. Our School ID is 205730; once registered, all qualified submissions are credited directly to Mater Dei's online account to be included with the next fundraiser check.


首页 & 学校大会







代币是一个全年的礼品卡项目.  365bet体育从大型零售商那里打折购买礼品卡, 餐厅, grocery stores and sell them to you at face value. The discount per gift card varies from 5% to 25%, depending on the merchant. The rebate is split between you and Mater Dei – you get credit toward your tuition and the school’s portion of the discount is reinvested in the school. 家庭接受80% Mater Dei获得20% 从商人那里得到的百分比.  当你利用代币时, 你可以获得学费学分 只是通过定期的家庭消费. 而不是用现金或信用卡支付, use prepaid gift cards from local stores and some of America’s most trusted retailers. 
购买临时凭证!  现在可以使用 RaiseRight 手机应用程序.  Download it for free from the app store and log-in with your current ShopWithScrip account.  新到代币的家庭也可以使用 RaiseRight 手机应用程序 to enroll in the program and create an account.  You will need Mater Dei's enrollment code to complete your registration. 
欲了解更多详情,请访问 代币 项目页面.


即将回家 & 学校活动




365bet体育目前需要 午餐的父母...if you can spare a few hours a day, one day or five days, please consider being a Lunch Parent.  If you would like more information or if you're ready to sign up, contact the 午餐房间主持人.

Volunteer Opportunities at various events throughout the school year can be found 在这里:  



“Redners Save a Tape”再次激活!  Families need to get a Redners card and save their cash register tapes.  把磁带送到办公室去提交.  Redners will donate 1% of eligible purchases back to Mater Dei.



The 首页 and 学校协会 has partnered with What a Crock Meals to Go to offer a great food fundraiser throughout the year! 使用365bet体育的 资金筹集活动页面 and up to 20% of your purchase will go back to Mater Dei every time you order. Meals ship within two business days and arrive direct to your door! Please share our fundraising page with your family and friends. 谢谢你的支持!


Support 365bet亚洲官方投注 when you do your Amazon Shopping! 

For eligible purchases at AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.给365bet体育学校5%的购买价! 365bet体育上一季度的捐款总额为181美元.98.  

让这个节日有所不同吧. 购买礼物 微笑.亚马逊.com/ch/80 - 0795247 为圣母学校募捐.

一个好消息! AmazonSmile is now available in the Amazon Shopping app on iOS and Android mobile phones. You can use the copy and assets below to share the news with your supporters.

AmazonSmile customers can now support Mater Dei Regional Catholic School in the Amazon shopping app on iOS and Android mobile phones! Simply follow these instructions to turn on AmazonSmile and start generating donations:

  1. 在你的设备上打开亚马逊购物应用程序.
  2. Go into the main menu of the Amazon Shopping app and tap into 'Settings'.
  3. Tap 'AmazonSmile' and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

If you do not have the latest version of the Amazon Shopping app, update your app. 点击 在这里 请示.

脱线·德伊加入了可口可乐捐赠计划. 这是什么意思? For every Coca-Cola beverage you purchase, Coca-Cola will give back to our school! 


  1. 在你的笔记本电脑、电脑或手机的网络浏览器上
  2. 去www.us.可口可乐.com/give
  3. 点击“捐赠给你当地的学校” 
  4. 搜索Mater Dei Cath Sch-Lansdale
  5. 点击“登录/加入”
  6. 第一次使用的用户需要创建自己的帐户
  7. Once you have created your own account, you will go to “Donate to Your Local School”
  8. 搜寻学校- Mater Dei Cath Sch-Lansdale
  9. 扫描或手动输入14个字符的代码

还记得, 如果你正在使用手机的网络浏览器, you can add the “Donate Page” to your home screen by clicking on the top 3 buttons to the right of the browser. 这将使它更容易使用. Once you scan/enter your first code, it will remember your school.


  • The code can be found under the bottle cap of any size Coca-Cola beverage
  • 购买罐装苏打水(最多24包), the code is inside the cardboard box under the tear off flap
  • When buying cans of soda (35 pack), the code is inside the shrink wrap

Coca-Cola will send a monetary award to our school every quarter. 把这个消息告诉家人和朋友. It’s super easy and a great way to earn money for our school. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to reach out to Lisa Gendek at lgendek@charraostudio.com

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玛丽,做365bet体育的愿景 当365bet体育发展价值观的时候 信仰, 卓越, 服务, 社区.






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